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Owning horses is a very expensive and time consuming hobby, but unfortunately a great number of the people who decide to purchase horses are unaware of the daily care and dedication they require.

This lack of knowledge, paired with hard economic times is a recipe for neglect.

The majority of the horses we, at Fallen Oak Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation, Inc., shelter are horses that are severely malnourished  with little or no attention having been paid to their hoof care, dental care, vaccinations, or general husbandry.

In addition to cases of neglect, we work with other equine rescues and agricultural services to remove and shelter horses from abusive situations where their previous owners have acted in malicious and criminal ways.


Our mission at Fallen Oak Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation, Inc. is to remove horses from these situations and shelter them at our property or at one of our approved Foster homes.

They are immediately examined for general wellness by a veterinarian (gelded if applicable), visited by a farrier for hoof care, and floated by an equine dentist as needed.

Once the horses have been cleared from quarantine with a current coggins and vaccinations, we then begin the rehabilitation process.This process is different for every horse in our care, as some may need to receive medical treatments, gain hundreds of pounds of weight, or develop a relationship with humans once again. 

Although the process of rehabilitation for each horse is unique, our final goal for every horse is to find an appropriate, permanent, loving home where they can flourish for the rest of their lives. We are not only healing horses physically, we are teaching them to trust again. 

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