We got a call the other day that someone moved away and abandoned a tiny little mini mare on the piece of property they had just purchased. The new property owners didn't know anything about horses and called us for help! Ginger was needing a home ASAP so she can get the proper care she needed and she was breathing VERY rapidly and heavely so needed IMMEDIATE vet attention. We got her to the rescue right away and our vet was already on standby and was here very shortly after she arrived. She has been diagnosed with severe Heaves which is like asthma. We already knew Heaves was a high possibility due to the time of year and after watching the video of her breathing. We already had the stall set up for her to be as dust free as possible. We purchased the cardboard shavings which is excellent for heavey horses. Also we watered down her hay and have a high quality fan on her. She has been put on Dexamethasone & Ventiplmin. 1 day later she is already ...90% better and spunky but such a sweet heart! When she arrived she was in a critical state and could bairly breath. She also has a very rotten smell coming from her mouth and some discharge and funny noises coming from her right nostril so as soon as she is clearned to be sedated she will get her teeth done asap. She got a shot of antibiotics which will get repeated this week along with her recheck on Wed. She needs all her vaccinations, coggins, hoofs & dewormed as well. Ginger is a absoulte sweetheart and very kid friendly! She is a very small Buckskin mini mare about mid teens. She is easy to catch and loves everyone and OMG adorable! Sorry we did not post about her yesterday it was a emergency and had to take care of her needs first. We have a nice vet bill with future vet bills & meds and other things she needs coming up. If you would like to help us help her please help us reach or goal or you can
PayPal fallenoakequinerescue@yahoo & in note section put " Ginger " we are a 501c3 Non Profit Equine Rescue who are all 100% volunteers it takes a team to help rehab all these babies and find them their forever homes. Thankyou again to our wonderful supporters ?



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