? Kristol 3 week Update ?

Today marks 3 weeks since her rescue intake date & as you can see she is doing amazing and has finally got that sparkle in her eye!!! She is one happy girl & loving life again. She had her teeth done and wow what a mess! She is missing molars , severe wave & a rotten tooth just sitting in her mouth which had to he pulled. She also had her exam, coggins pulled and updated on her vaccinations. She is confirmed by both vet & Equine Dentist to be about ...25 yrs old and bc of her mouth she will require our special senior diet which consists of Triple Crown Senior & Oxford Martin Larsens Farms compressed Alfalfa Blocks. She is still weak and "off" in her hind end a bit so as soon as she gains some strength the vet can do another lamness exam again on her to get a proper diagnosis. She has amazing ground manners & sure loves a bath! This girl has much more rehabbing to do if you would like to continue to help us help her please donate below or you can PayPal us at ?


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