We got a call the other day about a Appalossa Mini Stallion that was skinny & owners were trying to sell him on Facebook. They decided to surrender him to our rescue because they finally realized no one was going to pay money for him in the condition he was in & needing to be gelded. Whiskey is a 12-15 yr old mini stallion said to be registered but their is no proof. He is 34 or 35 inches. Unfortunately this poor mini has a past of severe abuse ...he was kept in a stall and was tortured by children & who else knows what! He is very skittish and shy & wants to like people but his past haunts him. He has no dental care he drops food everywhere and needs a coggins and up to date on vaccinations and most importantly needs to be gelded ASAP. With proper veterinary care & groceries he will shine & look the little show pony he was meant to be. With everyday handling & love he will learn to love us all? we are a 501c3 Non Profit Equine Rescue who are all 100% volunteers. If you would like to help us help Whiskey get gelded and all his other needs you can help us reach our goal by donating to his fundraiser
or you can PayPal us at fallenoakequinerescue@yahoo & in note section put "Whiskey"
Thank you to everyone who believes in this rescue! You are what helps us keep a float & be able to help so many ?


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