BlackBerry is a 8 yr old roan mini, he was a owner surrender 4/2018 .

Blackberry has been examined and x-rayed by Dr. Atteberry. Luckily there is nothing broken. He has sustained damage to several of the supporting soft tissue structures on the back of the pastern which prevents him from being able to bear weight on the pastern and hoof in a normal way. The original wound has healed without infection.  Since he is a very small pony, we can try to support his limb with a heel extension shoe which will hopefully keep the joints and leg in normal, weight bearing alignment. If it works, it will be a life-ling requirement for him but should hopefully keep him comfortable.  Dr. Attebury will be working with Blacksmith Colleen Boermans to fit him with his new shoe. 

Updates will be provided once he receives his new shoe.

He is currently rehabbing. As you can tell from the picture, he was not very happy with being clipped.  This was as much as we were able to do even with him being sedated.  However, the thick, wormy coat needed to go! Super cute pony.

Adoption fee:  Not available for adoption at this time. Will be updated as he heals.


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