Klassy was an owner surrender in 2017.

He is a 16.2 hand AQHA Bay gelding , 19 yrs old. When he came to us he was lame. We discovered that when he was 4 yrs old he had a surgery procedure performed and during recovery he foundered in his front left hoof so severely he almost rotated out the bottom of his hoof. With many months of prayers, money and rehab his old owner pulled him through.  Throughout his life he has been on and off lame in that hoof. He did well with a corrective shoe when he had them on. He also served as a therapeutic horse for many many years. When he came to us we had a corrective shoe put on him and now he is doing very well. Klassy is a very SWEET boy who gets along with everyone & has been a GREAT baby sitter for many years to other horses young and old. He is companion only. 

Adoption fee: $100


Requires front shoes and bell boots for the remainder of his life.  Companion only.

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