Rehabbing Horses

Our Rescue horses are in various stages of rehabilitation.  Some are receiving much needed veterinary care, dental care, and hoof care, along with feed changes and working on proper weight gain.  These horses will be available for adoption in the future.......


Most horses come to us with problems, the most common of which is improper feeding which results in a poor BCS and sometimes dangerously low weights. This can be as a result of owners not being able to afford to feed them or not being sure what to feed their horse.  Dental problems can also attribute to this - regular dental care is essential! Hoof care is something that is also routinely neglected, which can cause permanent problems, but certainly take more visits by the farrier than is normal in order to return their hooves to normal, healthy hooves.

Most importantly they need love and kind hands - which we readily provide.

Once they are healthy we work to find them a forever home with just the right family.


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