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When taking in rescues, we do not discriminate against the older horses. We have found many older horses find themselves homeless through no fault of their own but simply because they are no longer able perform the way their owners want them to.  We provide them with a safe place to land - and we vet them, provide them with the proper feeding regimen to maintain their weight, treat their Cushings and arthritis and try to find them a forever home.

Senior horses can be difficult to place, as most everyone knows.  And for many, Fallen Oaks is their last hope.  We have several 30+ year old horses that have been given sanctuary with us and will live out their final years as Fallen Oak's Sanctuary Horses.  They have become affectionaly known as the "Oldies" and they live together in Summerfield, FL.  These horses are happy, healthy and friendly and love having the pastures to roam on together.  

They have not lived out their usefulness - as older, more seasoned horses, the Oldies provide comfort and stability to the new rescues as they come in.  They are excellent teachers for the younger, untrained horses.  And most importantly they teach others to trust humans again and give love unconditionally.

The costs associated with caring for the senior horses is consistent, however not inexpensive.  Many of them suffer from Cushings and/or arthritis and are provided medications appropriately.  Many of them have no teeth left.  Senior feed, alfalfa and alfalfa blocks don't come cheap - so we are always looking for sponsors.  If you are interested, click on the Sponsor block to the left.  You can pick the horse you would like to sponsor and we will provide you with updates and pictures!

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